Cobey Pond Trail

2.2 miles
E - Easy





Upper Delaware Take a Hike! Trail

Trailhead GPS: Coordinates N41.55863 W75.07761

Getting There: Cross the Delaware River into Pennsylvania at Narrowsburg, NY and drive west for 4 miles on SR 652. Turn left or south on Perkins Pond Road. Stay on Perkins Pond Road for 4 miles until it ends at Welcome Lake Road. The name of the road changes to Case Road as you enter the Township of Lackawaxen. Turn right on Welcome Lake Road and drove .9 miles to Masthope Road. Turn left and watch for the access road for Cobey Pond about 1 mile down the road on the left. Turn into the road and cross Masthope Creek on a small bridge. DO NOT park in the first lot but continue on the gravel road to the left. In about half a mile you will come to an upper parking area and turnaround just before a locked gate. This is the best place to park although it is not obvious as there is no signage anywhere

Difficulty: This hike is rated EASY since it is only 2.2 miles long. The trail follows a road and then a woods road around the lake and is nearly flat. The total elevation gain is only 245 feet.

Trail Surface: The trail surface from the parking area to the pond is covered in large crushed stone which makes walking uncomfortable. Starting at the pond the trail is grass and dirt. There may be wet and muddy areas along the way.

Hike Description: None of the trails are marked with any blazes and there is not a single sign to follow! There are other trails than those described here which are also unmarked. Walk up the hill from the parking area toward the gate. The road is “paved” with large crushed stone which make walking difficult. You may try to stay the sides of the road. At .15 miles the road splits with the paved section heading right and a grassy section heading uphill to the left. Turn right to follow the gravel road which descends just slightly and then climbs a little to the shores of the pond. There is a dock jutting out into the water and a nice wooden bridge over the spillway. The trail continues in both directions around the pound. Turn right as it is the longer hike. After crossing the spillway and reaching the other side of the pond turn left to follow a grassy road that is completely flat around the pond. Stop at the head end of the pond as there are several small “islands” at the upper end. A little farther along the trail splits at about 1.5 miles. The trail to the left circles the shore of the pond but the trail to the right lengthens a very short hike. Turn right and follow the grassy road as it gains a little elevation heading southwest and then south. Continue along the trail completing the loop at 2 miles. Turn right to walk down the road and through the gate to your car.

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E - Easy
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