Quick Lake Trail

14.3 miles
VS - Very Strenuous
Willowemoc Wild Forest

Trailhead GPS: Coordinates N41.95114 W74.70693

Getting There: Exit State Route 17 at exit 96W and turn left on DeBruce Road. Exit State Route 17 at exit 96E and turn right at the end of the exit. Turn left at the end of the road and then take the next left onto DeBruce Rd. From the “caboose” drive 5.6 miles on DeBruce Road to Mongaup Road. Turn left and drive 2.7 miles to where the road splits. Stay left on Beech Mountain Road and drive .3 miles to the parking areas on the left. Park in the large lot.

Difficulty: This hike is rated VERY STRENUOUS because it is over 14 miles long and has a few uphill sections along the way. The reward is a secluded lake as the destination and the “bragging rights” to say you did the whole trail! There may be muddy areas along the way. You must carry water or be prepared to filter along the way.

Trail Surface: The trail surface has a few large stones but consists mostly of small stones and dirt. The trail is often wet and muddy. The section from Iron Wheel Junction to Junkyard Junction can be very eroded and have some gullies and large stones. The Quick Lake Trail from Junkyard Junction to Quick Lake may be poorly marked and is crossed several times by the snowmobile trail.

Hike Description: Find the red-blazed Quick Lake Trail which starts at the back right corner of the larger parking lot. Follow it for .2 miles to the trail register and then turn left to stay on the Quick Lake Trail which follows a wide woods road. This area can be wet at times. At Gravestone Junction bear to the left on the Quick Lake Trail and walk down a hill to the bridge at the outlet end of Frick Pond. Take a moment to enjoy this beautiful view. The mountain to the right is Beech Mountain. Cross over the bridge at the outlet to Frick Pond and continue around the pond on the trail. At .7 miles there will be a trail junction. Bear left at the next trail junction to stay of red-blazed Quick Lake Trail. The hike here is slightly uphill. You will walk through a beautiful “spruce tunnel” and cross a small stream. Continuing uphill you will reach Iron Wheel Junction at 1.5 miles which is marked by a set of iron wagon wheels. Turn left to stay on the red-blazed Quick Lake Trail. At the next trail junction stay right on the Quick Lake Trail and continue to walk uphill to Junkyard Junction at 3.1 miles. Turn left and keep watching for the red markers which delineate the hiking trail. At 4.25 miles you will come to Coyote Junction after walking over the rolling trail. The snowmobile trail heads left so continue straight ahead on the Quick Lake Trail. At 4.9 miles the snowmobile trail bears right at Bobcat Junction. Continue straight heading west on the Quick Lake Trail. The trail now starts to descends still heading west to Flatrock Junction. At Flatrock Junction the snowmobile trail crosses the Quick Lake hiking trail so be careful to continue straight across it heading north. The hiking trail makes a little loop to the north and then heads south to Quick Lake. At 6.8 miles the snowmobile trail comes in from the left. You will reach Quick Lake at about 7.2 miles. The lake’s water level is very dependent on the season but there is a lean-to on the shores. Since this is an out-and-back hike, you return by retracing your steps. You may want to use the snowmobile trail at times for some variety and to cut a little distance.

Terrain Difficulty
VS - Very Strenuous
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