Around the Mountain Loop

2.0 miles
M - Moderate
Walnut Mountain Park

Trailhead GPS: Coordinates N41.7891 W74.7633

Getting There: Exit State Route 17 at exit 99 and drive to North Main Street at the end of the access road. Turn left onto North Main Street in Liberty and drive south for 1.1 miles to Lake Street which is the second traffic light. Turn right on Lake Street which is also Route 55 and follow it for 1.1 miles to Walnut Mountain Road. Turn right and drive to the main parking area. Caution: At .5 miles Route 55 makes a sharp left turn. Be sure to follow Route 55. Do not continue straight ahead on West lake St.

Difficulty: This hike is rated MODERATE although it is only 1.9 miles because it climbs a hilly section of the trail.

Trail Surface: The trail surface is generally free of large stones and consists mostly of small stones, dirt and grass. The trail can be wet and muddy in places.

Hike Description: Walnut Mountain park has many different trails that allow visitors to create their own routes from easy to difficult. In addition to the hiking trails there are also single track mountain bike trails which can be hiked. The mountain bike trails are rough trails while the hiking trails are more open carriageways.

This hike begins at the main parking area on Walnut Mountain Road. Face the pavilion and walk up the wide carriageway to the left. Bear right as the trail becomes the orange Mountain Overlook Trail. The trail will make a sharp left shortly and then you will come to the first trail junction at .25 miles. Continue straight ahead and you will shortly come to another trail junction with the red Walnut loop – North trail. Continue straight ahead on the Walnut Loop – West Trail and get ready to enjoy a nice uphill walk to the first of two viewpoints. After the climb at a little more than 1 mile, the red Walnut Loop – South continues straight ahead while the orange Mountain Overlook trail, the one you want, turns sharply to the left. Walk straight ahead on the red trail to get a view to the southwest. Swan Lake is the most prominent feature. Walk back to the trail junction and follow the orange trail up to the next trail junction. The trail seems to go both ways at this point. You eventually want to turn right but take a moment to turn left and walk to an even better lookout. There is usually a picnic table here. Once you are finished at the lookout, turn around and follow the orange trail as it heads north and down. At 1.6 miles you will come to a trail junction which may look familiar. Turn right and walk back down the hill to the parking area and your car.


Terrain Difficulty
M - Moderate
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