Neversink Unique Area: Denton and Mullet Brook Falls

4.6 miles
M - Moderate
Neversink Unique Area

Loop – 4.6 mi

Trailhead GPS: Coordinates N41.5817 W74.6212

Getting There: Exit State Route 17 at exit 109E and turn right on Katrina Falls Road. Exit State Route 17 at exit 109w and turn right at the end of the exit. Turn right on Katrina Falls Road at the next intersection. From the end of the 109E exit drive 3.5 miles to the end of Katrina Falls Road. Park in the small lot.

Difficulty: This hike is rated MODERATE because it is almost 5 miles long and has some moderate to steep uphills. There may be muddy areas along the way.

Trail Surface: The trail starts out as a wide woods road and then changes to a hiking trail cut through brush. The spur trails to the falls may be wet and muddy at times and are steeper than the main trail. The trails are dirt and rock and at times may have a few trees across them to walk around.

Hike Description: From the parking area walk through the gate and down the wide woods road. Continue until there is a fork in the trail. Stay left on the blue blazed main trail which will soon cross Wolf Brook on a small bridge. Just passed this stream crossing is another trail junction. Stay right on the blue blazed trail as the trail rolls up and down a little. At 1.3 miles cross Mullet Brook on a wooden bridge. BE CAREFUL since these bridges can sometimes by slippery from rain and moss which grows on them. Just passed the bridge the yellow blazed spur trail to Denton Falls on the Neversink River branches off to the right. Follow the yellow blazes as they lead through the laurel. The trail breaks out into an open evergreen forest and descends to the river. The descent can be steep at times with loose rock and pine needles making the going slippery. Some areas on the trail may be muddy. When you reach the river you may carefully walk out onto the rocks to get a good view of the falls. BE CAREFUL as the rocks may be slippery and the current in the river is fast especially when the water in high! After enjoying the area around the falls, retrace your route back to the main trail. Turn right on the blue trail and you will immediately come to another trail junction. Stay to the left on the red blazed trail and start an uphill section. At a little over 2 miles watch for a yellow blazed spur trail on the left. Turn left on this trail to walk .15 miles down to Mullet Brook Falls. Return to the main trail and turn left on the red blazed trail to continue the loop. The walk now is uphill but eventually levels off and crosses Mullet Brook again on a bridge at 2.9 miles. Cross the bridge and continue on the trail staying left at the next intersection at 3.1 miles. The yellow trail here heads off to the right to the Wolf Brook parking area. The red trail now heads downhill for almost a mile to another trail junction. Turn right on the blue trail and cross the bridge over Wolf Brook. Stay right on the main trail and walk back up the hill to your car.

Terrain Difficulty
M - Moderate
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