Trout Pond: Russell Brook Falls

0.3 miles
E - Easy
Delaware Wild Forest

Trailhead GPS: Coordinates N41.99486 W74.94186

Getting There: Exit State Route 17 at Exit 94W and turn left on Route 206. Exit State Route 17 at Exit 94E and turn left on Stewart Ave. At the end of Stewart Ave. turn left on Route 206. From the traffic light drive north on Route 206 for 2.4 miles. Turn left on Morton Hill Road and bear left at the next intersection to stay on Morton Hill Road. Continue on this road for 3.1miles to Russell Brook Road on the left. Turn left on Russell Brook Road and drive.5 miles to park in the lower parking area. CAUTION: Russell Brook Road is NOT always well maintained. Drive slowly and watch for rocks and branches in the road.

Difficulty: This hike is rated EASY because it is relatively flat and very short. There may be wet or muddy areas along the way. Be careful if you chose to walk down to the stream bed as it the “path” is steep and it is easy to slip.

Trail Surface: The trail surface is free of large stones and tree trunks consisting mostly of small stones and dirt. The trail is often wet and muddy. The area near the falls requires you to pay attention as the rocks may be wet from the water going over the falls. You may have to step over some downed tree trunks.

Hike Description: Walk passed down the road and turn right just passed the kiosk. Walk down the wide woods road to the bridge over Russell Brook. Cross the bridge and watch for the first path on the right. Follow the paths as they parallel the stream and walk toward the sound of the waterfall. The path continues until it ends at a viewpoint over the falls. You may also work your way down the bank of the stream to the bed to get a head-on view on the falls. When you are done, turn around and retrace your steps back to the car. On the way back you might want to watch for a path on the right which ascends a short hill to a viewpoint over the upper falls.

Terrain Difficulty
E - Easy
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