Hiking Levels

 How Fast Do You Walk?

GPS - Long Path - NorthAll time estimates and difficulty levels for hikes are approximate. They may change based on your level of physical fitness.

In general, hikes labeled Easy are suitable for all ages and abilities, while Moderate hikes are intended for more intermediate-level hikers. Strenuous hikes should only be attempted by experienced hikers in good physical shape.

Most hikers travel at approximately 2 miles per hour on flat surfaces. Faster walkers may hike at 3 miles per hour. Add 30 minutes to 1 hour for every 1,000 feet gained in elevation.

Easy-Suitable for every member of the family

Moderate-Suitable for all physically fit people

Moderately Strenuous-Long length, substantial elevation gain, and/or difficult terrain. Suitable for experienced hikers only

Strenuous-Full day’s hike over a long and often difficult route. Suitable for only experienced hikers in excellent physical condition.

Very Difficult-Long and rugged route in extremely remote areas. Usually requires two days. Suitable only for experienced hikers in top physical condition.