Basha Kill D & H Towpath

6.76 miles
E - Easy
Haven Rd, Mamakating/ Rte. 209, Westbrookville

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The Basha Kill D&H  Canal (Towpath) is a flat, even multi-use trail that is relatively easy to complete.  It ranges from Easy to Moderate (because of the distance). You can access the trail at different locations so you do not have to complete the entire trail all at once. It runs from one gate to another on the towpath.According to our Google Map to the right, the trail is shown as the Blue Line.

Formerly the Delaware and Hudson Canal, which carried coal from northeast PA to New York City in the 19th century, the D&H is now a National Historic Landmark. To learn more about the D&H Canal, visit the Delaware and Hudson Transportation Heritage Council website.

Find the trail within the NYS Basha Kill Wildlife Management Area. To learn more about the Basha Kill, visit the Basha Kill Area Association website.  Also, the Basha Kill Area Association has published a Map of the Basha Kill Area. For the NY-NJ Trail Conference Map of the SRT trail (which shows the D & H Canal), click here.

DIRECTIONS to Haven Road Parking Area: Get off Route 17 at Exit 113 and turn South onto Route 209.  Proceed 1.9 mi. past New York Truck Parts and an old Moose lodge to Haven Road on the left surrounded by guard rails.  Haven Road Parking is a large gravel parking area .3 mi. up the road on the left. There are a few little trails off this parking area on “Pigeon Hill,” or you can proceed to the towpath gate: Walk back up Haven Road to Towpath Road on the left and proceed approximately .2 mi. to the gate.

DIRECTIONS to Westbrookville towpath trailhead: Get off Route 17 at Exit 113 and turn South onto Route 209.  Proceed 5.2 mi. to a dirt road opposite the Pine Kill Deli.  The road is marked with a brown and yellow DEC sign.  Drive approximately .2 mi. to a left turn across a field.  There is an unofficial turn-around at the far end of the field.  This area may be muddy.  Park wherever it is safe to without getting stuck.  Access to the towpath is up a slope at the  north end of the field.

The NY/NJTC SRT (Shawangunk Ridge Trail) map #2 (2008) shows red blazes, however at this time there are none. This is not the SRT but it is in close proximity to it. Our google map indicates this trail as blue
Our google map indicates this trail as blue
Terrain Difficulty
E - Easy
NYS DEC, within the Bashakill Wildlife Management Area
Foot, horse, bike, XC, fishing
There is a large gravel parking lot for 20+ cars in the Haven Road area, and a muddy pull-off area on the Westbrookville end.
Special Features
Along the way, you will come to a 19th century cemetery which accepted canalers, including many children. You will also come across an older modern bridge and a newer modern timber bridge. You will also come to the foundation of an old canal store, including two root cellars and the base of a canal gate.
Conditions of
The trail is virtually flat, though not paved or a gravel surface
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